An often overlooked fact is that a LEGO city needs a sewerage network to … well, you know what it’s for.  So, if you have to have one, who better to design a Sewage Pumping Station that is going to blend in seamlessly than Vincent Kessels (Mr Tomato Bread).

My favourite details on this build are the roof, the fencing and the SNOT work to frame the roller door.  I also like the texture created with the recesses in the walls.

Like his other buildings, Vincent has  hinged the side wall for easy access to the sewage pumping equipment.

Head over the Vicnent’s Flickr album for more images of the sewage pumping station. While you’re there, check out his other MOCs to see why he is one of my favourite builders.


4 thoughts on “Pumped

  1. Going to the bathroom in the official modular buildings street is never a pleasant experience. The only toilet is in the apartment under renovation next to the Pet Shop. There’s always a line coming out of the building and extending long down the street because the minifigs have no other place to go.

    Talk about awkward…

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