Bikes galore!

The new  Modular LEGO Buildings group on Facebook is proving to be quite popular and has highlighted a few new builders and MOCs.  One of my favourites so far that hasn’t been featured here is Shen Maosheng’s modular bike shop which uses 3 sets of the LEGO Creator Bike Shop & Cafe (31026).

So many bikes!!!  But there’s loads more to it than those.  My favourite details are the double door entrance on the right, the three different yet cohesive elements to the upper facade, the satellite dishes etc on the roof and the external lights that you can see below.

This beautiful building is Shen’s first modular building.  I’m looking forward to seeing an interior for this build as well as Shen’s future builds, including what becomes of the bricks that belong to the cafe part of the official set!

Shen has indicated the additional images will be posted up on MOCpages.  In the meantime, they are available through the Facebook group.


2 thoughts on “Bikes galore!

  1. I like the detail of this build but personally I have a hard time calling a build like this a true MOC, but instead is using thr majir elements from 3 sets. It is still a nice build tho.

    • I don’t think whether using the elements from a particular set, or even multiple copies thereof, defines a building as an MOC or MOD. On that reasoning, my Beloved Belle would not be an MOC because it could be built with the bricks from multiple copies of the Town Hall.

      In this instance, I think there is sufficient variation from the underlying set for Shen’s bike shop to be called an MOC.

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