Set Review: Brick Bank (10251)

I fell in love with the Brick Bank (10251) when LEGO released the high resolution images back in October.

And it doesn’t disappoint in real life.  Find out why here!


9 thoughts on “Set Review: Brick Bank (10251)

  1. Superb review, Kristen! It has all the details (especially on the new parts) that I didn’t find elsewhere. Midnight purchase for me! 🙂 Happy new year…!

  2. Thanks for a great review! It will be a while, before I’ll get my copy (or two) of the set, so I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. Just finished it. Great details in this set. My only wish was that this be 100% bank without a laundry component. I guess I don’t understand why the exterior had to change on the second floor with the inside still being the bank. (BTW: I had to explain laundering money to my 8 year old.)

    • I quite like the variation that the laundromat brings. However, I think you could easily make it all bank by mirroring the left hand side of the facade.
      Mine (also an 8 y.o.) didn’t question why you would need to put money in the vault through the washing machines. Not sure if that is a good thing!

  4. Great review, very very thorough.

    I myself bought 2 copy’s with the plan being making the bank a full corner and make the laundromat a separate building on a 16×32 plate.

    I really love both parts of the build, but I can not stand a wall not going all the way to the ceiling, it drives my nuts.

  5. I buckled and bought the Brick Bank after I got Bicycle Cafe with has a Teller Machine which could be used in the Brick Bank’s setting.

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