Naming the Food and Beverage Areas

LEGO is looking to the fan community for suggestions for the names of the three food and beverage areas that will be included in the LEGO House, which is scheduled to open in the second half of 2017.  Here is the description provided by LEGO:

LEGO House will have three areas for Food & Beverages. The working title for the three areas are Café, Family restaurant and The Mezzanine. Each area has an own concept.

The Café
The Café is a trendy food & beverage area providing easy to pick refreshments to the LEGO House guests. You will spend approx. 15 min in the Café to enjoy a good coffee, lemonade or a glass of beer or wine while you are having a snack, sandwich or a piece of cake. You can order from a display of prepared food.

The Family restaurant
The Family restaurant is the place to eat lunch or dinner for families visiting the LEGO House. You order your meal by building it in a LEGO way with a fun, interactive and playful family experience and can enjoy high quality food. There will be a menu card. You will spend approx. 45-60 min in the Family restaurant.

The Mezzanine 
The Mezzanine is the place to go for an evening out with business partners or friends. It provides fine dining with a fun and subtle LEGO twist. You spend +90 min in this culinary gastronomy to enjoy high-level food and spend quality time with your network.

Leave your suggestions as a comment below (or contact me via the contact form if you are shy!) by Wednesday 4 May.  The best suggestions (as judged by yours truly, or me and friends / family if I can’t decide) will be sent to LEGO via email on Friday 6 May.  No prizes on offer … just major bragging rights if LEGO ends up using the name(s) you suggest.


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