LEGO Packaging Survey

LEGO is keen to hear your views on their packing.  Here’s a copy of their invite:

Dear LEGO user,

We are a team of packaging designers belonging to the LEGO product development department. Our key mission is to design packaging that supports a strong LEGO product experience. We are conducting this survey among RLUGs/RLFMs since we know that you have a great deal of experience with our products and packaging! To achieve our mission it is important for us to get an understanding of how you perceive the LEGO packaging experience. Please help us by participating in a survey:

Please complete the survey before March 6, 2017.

Thank you in advance for your feedback – it is highly appreciated!

Kind regards,
The LEGO Packaging Experience Design Team


Modular Hat Shop


Eliza (Elizabeth Nevemind) has created another gorgeous, 16-wide modular building – the fully furnished Hat Shop.

The Hat Shop is packed with loads of interesting techniques and details, such as the SNOT work in the first floor window trims and balconies, and the technic connectors in the ground floor window frame.

I love the subtle colour variations in the roof tiles, which add depth and character to the building. A similar effect is created with the headlight bricks below the ground floor window.

Eliza also challenged herself (not sure whether intentionally or not) by limiting the floor plate to 16×16 – it’s no mean feat creating this amount of detail in such a small space!

Head to Flickr for more images of the Hat Shop.

Thanks for the inspiration, Eliza!

Firehouse Headquarters (75827)

LEGO have released high resolution images of the Firehouse Headquarters (75827), which is due for release on 1 January 2016.

Looks like this is going to be a awesome parts pack, with lots of Dark Red, Light Bluish Grey and Tan bricks, as well as plenty of doors and windows.  Mind you, it is such a great looking set that it might be hard to bring yourself to take it apart!

See all the high resolution images of the building here or on LEGO’s Facebook page.

Double Dutch

My posts usually start with some words, but this one had to lead with that picture as it just blew me away.  The detailing on Barrie Crossan’s 2 Dutch Buildings is so exquisite, you could be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a real building!

See lots more angles of these gorgeous buildings here.

Thanks for the inspiration Barrie!

Striking Surf Shop

With its blue and yellow highlights, the Modular Surf Shop by Brickedin (Ben Christie) immediately had me daydreaming about a lazy seaside holiday!   My favourite details on the facade of the Modular Surf Shop are the recessed windows on the upper floors, the winged board, the corner window/balcony on the top floor and the flower detailing.

I also like the clever use of the short bars and barred doors as racks for the surfboards.  This Surf Shop boasts an exceptionally large collection of surfboards!  I didn’t realise that surfboards came in so many colours.

See the Flickr album for more images of Brickedin’s Modular Surf Shop.

Stop biting those nails

Let the girls at Eurotrash’s Chu Nail Salon take care of them for you, pampering your hands while your feet soak in the soothing foot spa.

I love how Chris has done the facade on this building, especially the top part with the upside-down arches, and the way that he has done the “Chu” sign.

Oh, and there’s an extra cute dragon too!

Head over to Flickr to see why Eurotrash has quickly become one of my favourite builders!

Upscaled LEGO Brand Store

L@go has taken the LEGO Brand Store (set number 3300003) – the one given away at store openings – and converted it to minifgure scale, corner modular building.  It looks fantastic!

L@go has done a fantastic job on the exterior of the store, but it’s the interior that steals the show.  Love that pick-a-brick wall!

Lots more images on the Flickr album.