Modular Building Guide

RedHead1982 from BrickHamster has completed her awsome 7-part guide to building modular buildings, culminating in three beautiful modular buildings.

Head over to BrickHamster to see the full guide on how these modular buildings were made, covering everything from the placement of the technic bricks to the trims on the roof, as well as the interiors.

Thanks for the inspiration Redhead1982!


Saint Claire Street 5

Lego Ista’s Saint Claire Street has a gorgeous new addition, being the Libreria Antica (the Old Library, according to Google’s translator) on the left.

Lego Ista makes great use here of the new 1×1 brick with scroll in Tan.  The closeup of the Libreria Antica below also highlights the lovely colour combination used in this building.

Head over to Lego Ista’s Flickr stream for more images of the buildings on Saint Claire Street.

China Garden

Jme Wheeler’s passion for Chinese food is easily reflected in the gorgeous China Garden, a fully furnished modular building with restaurant on the ground floor and apartment upstairs.

The facade is beautiful and makes great use of the red tap piece for the windows and the roof trim.  However, it is the front garden and entrance that steals the show for me.

Head over to MOCPages to see more of the China Garden!

Used Book Store

Sebastian Zaberca’s latest modular building, the Used Book Store, is literally overflowing with books and generally packed to the rafters with details.

My favourite details on the Used Book Store are the way every available space has been packed full of books, the use of the Dark Green flags on the front, the textures and colours of the rear wall and the downpipes.

Head over to Flickr for more images of the gorgeous Used Book Store.

Two for one deal

Jason Skaare is continuing in his tradition of building beautiful modular buildings faster than I can blog them, which means that you get another two for one deal!  His Number 20 building is the 32-stud wide Supermarket and Number 21 is Joe’s Plumbing.

Both facades are great, and work well together given the similar trims on the corners.  My favourite details on the Supermarket are the striped awning and the blue and white trim just above that.  The two things that stand out for me on the Joe’s Plumbing building are the window trims and the shop sign.

The Supermarket and Joe’s Plumbing are fitted with lighting, which explains the USBs protruding at the rear of the buildings.

Both are fully furnished, so make sure you head over to Flickr to check out the full suite of images of the Supermarket and Joe’s Plumbing.

Again, thanks for the inspiration Jason!

Blue Shores

The Blue Shores is the second of the new buildings included in The Promenade layout for BrickWorld.   While the layout overall was inspired by New York architecture, the Sand Blue and White in this building reminds me of the sea.  Hence the name – Blue Shores.

More images here.


Cooking up a storm

Elizabeth Nevermind’ Modular Kitchen Store is cooking up a storm, with a fully stocked store downstairs and a room for cooking classes upstairs.  I absolutely adore the facade on this building, which, in my view, uses just the right mix of textures, offsets, SNOT and colour.

I especially like how the use of the three colours adds extra depth to the awning and also how the dark orange frame continues above it.  The cupcake holder is a cute touch, too.

Head over to Flickr to see more of Elizabeth Nevermind’s gorgeous building and also why she is currently one of my favourite builders.

Thanks for the inspiration Elizabeth!

Cast Iron Modular

The Cast Iron Modular was one of the eight buildings included in The Promenade, and one of the two whole new ones.  As the name suggests, the Cast Iron Modular was inspired by the cast iron buildings of New York.

Unlike most of my modulars, this one is not furnished.  I am really happy with how it turned out, but I struggled to think of what it should be.  It’s a shop, but I’m not sure what it should sell.  And after building it four times already, I’m ready to move on, so this one will stay unfurnished!

More images here.

BrickWorld 2015 – Part One

I’ve just arrived home today from BrickWorld Chicago and I must say it has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  It was fantastic to meet everyone and see the amazing MOCs.  Truly inspiring!!

My individual layout was called The Promenade:

From left to right, there is a new sand blue building (yet to be named), Trilogy, a 16-stud version of Sugar & Spice, Blooming Blossoms, 16-stud version of Black Velvet, remodelled Psychiatrist’s Office, Coveted Clutch and a new tan and black building (yet to be named).

You can find some more images of these buildings on Flickr.  A big thank you to Pete (RedCoKid) for taking these shots for me.  That’s his Aerial Arena you can see in the background.  I don’t think it is possible to fully appreciate the scale of the Aerial Arena until you see it in real life.  It is simply huge!

I also had an absolute blast being part of the EuroBricks collaborative layout (more on that in Part Two).

I can’t wait for BrickWorld Chicago 2016!

Modular Conversion Review: 71016 Kwik-E-mart

The thing that immediately caught my attention when the high resolution images of the KwiK-E-mart (71016) were first released was the amount of interior detailing and the printed parts.  In this respect, it doesn’t disappoint in real life!

But how does it stack up as modular or a parts pack? Read the full review here!