Schrippenkneter’s Bakery

The Bäckerei Schrippenkneter by FiliusRucilo is one of those striking modular buildings that grabs your attention immediately, but it is not until you look a little closer that you appreciate it for all the details.

I particularly like the tile facade, window sills, and the inline windows in the roof, which itself is a feature.  I also quite like the clocks and the planter box.

The Bäckerei Schrippenkneter is fully furnished with the bakery shop on the ground floor, bakery kitchen on the first floor and a studio apartment on the top floor.

Head over to the Flickr album for more image of the interior and exterior of this gorgeous building.  Make sure you check out the clever industrial dough mixer!


Warehouse Apartment

pionioncorp has created an inner city oasis by converting a warehouse into apartments with high ceilings and a rooftop terrace.  The thing about the Warehouse Apartment that caught my eye initially was the roof, not only because of the colour – who doesn’t love a Sand Red roof – but also for the look created by the offset technique used.

A closer look at the Warehouse Apartment building revealed quite a few interesting details and techniques, such as the use of the SNOT techniques to create texture in the facade, the tiles in the arches above the windows and the circular feature at the top of the wall.

China Garden

Jme Wheeler’s passion for Chinese food is easily reflected in the gorgeous China Garden, a fully furnished modular building with restaurant on the ground floor and apartment upstairs.

The facade is beautiful and makes great use of the red tap piece for the windows and the roof trim.  However, it is the front garden and entrance that steals the show for me.

Head over to MOCPages to see more of the China Garden!

Blue Shores

The Blue Shores is the second of the new buildings included in The Promenade layout for BrickWorld.   While the layout overall was inspired by New York architecture, the Sand Blue and White in this building reminds me of the sea.  Hence the name – Blue Shores.

More images here.



Who doesn’t wish they had a monorail?  Even better if you can combine it with a grand building, as cimddcc has done with his latest creation, the Monorail Passthrough.

The Monorail Passthrough is fully furnished, with a fashion store on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors.

Head to the Flickr album for loads more images of the Monorail Passthrough!

Apartment Living

Cesbrick (César Soares) dedicates this MOC to all those who live in an apartment.  While it has been a while for me since I have lived in an apartment, I don’t remember them ever being quite so spacious, or packed with so many inspirational details!

Which one is your favourite?  For me, it is a toss up between the laundry and the living room.  The living room wins out in the end – I love the glass table, the vertical blinds, the top hat pot and the fez hat for the base of the floor lamp.

Head over to Cesbrick’s Flickr album to check out all the modules!

Old world charm

Using LEGO pieces from dating from the 70s to today, the Old Pharmacy by ThomaS (tsi) literally span decades worth of charm! The front of this building is gorgeous and makes great use of the old 3761 windows.  I also love the rounded shape of the roof.

The back of the building is just as interesting as the front, with lots of details in the facade as well as atmosphere created by the minifigures going about their day-to-day tasks.

The old water pump reminds me of my grandparents for some reason, although I don’t specifically remember them having one of those.

Check out tsi’s BrickThat folder for more images of the Old Pharmacy, including the stunning interior.

Fishy Masterpiece

cimddwc never fails to impress, as is evident in his latest masterpiece, the FishMaster, a fully furnished modular building housing a fishmonger on the ground floor and an apartment upstairs.

I love the combination of Light Salmon (Scala wall panels) with the light Bluish Grey and White.  A very pretty combination, which, if it weren’t for the fact that the colour names include a fish, would seem at odds with the nature of the business that occupies the ground floor!

The gorgeous front facade for the first and second floor are created using clever SNOT techniques, as well as an interesting combination of pieces.

Head over tho Flickr for more images of this beautiful building!  And check out his other buildings while your there to see why cimddwc is one of my favourite builders!

Chop Chop

Elizabeth Nevermind mixes up the modern with the historic in her latest modular building, the Chop, with a modern Asian cuisine downstairs and an apartment behind the early 20th century upper facade.

The upper part of the facade is largely monotone, but there is plenty of detail to catch the eye.  My favourite are the effect created by the use of the 1x1x round plates at the top and how the right side is framed at the top (knives) and bottom (scrolls).

There are a couple of other clever touches in this design, such as the  seaweed around the fish on the right, which gives the impression that it is swimming amongst the seaweed, and the curved step leading to the front door.

My favourite detail on the inside is the decorations on the wall, which mirror the hexagonal design of the ground floor window.  Elizabeth has also managed to pack in quite a few tables in the small space!

More images of the Chop here!

Antique Store and Apartment

I could list all the fantastic details and clever parts usage in the fully furnished Antique Store and Studio Apartment by Super*Junk (Melissa), but then I would be here until Christmas.  So, I’m just going to point out a few of my favourite details: the use of the wheels (?) at the corner between the floors, the seat in front of the shop window, the use of the legs for window trims, the SNOT work above the shop windows and how the roof line is done. An interesting aspect of this building is the use of technic beams to reverse the direction of the build, enabling that awesome trim between the two floors.  Very clever! The interior of this building is just as stunning as the outside. Head over to Super*Junk’s blog or Flickr to see more of this gorgeous building.  Make sure you check out her the MOCs and see for yourself why she is quickly climbing up the ranks as a favourite builder.