Modular Book Shop

With its bold black and white facade, Palixa and The Bricks’ latest modular creation, Book Shop, is one of those striking modular buildings that immediate captures your attention.  And then you take a look inside and there are even more beautiful details to drool over.

Purple is my favourite colour, so it’s no surprise that the bedroom is my favourite room in this building.  The use of a tub and studio approach to the bathroom is a clever use of the small space. I also love how Palixa has incorporated the storage into the back wall.

Head over to to the Flickr album to see all the gorgeous details!


Used Book Store

Sebastian Zaberca’s latest modular building, the Used Book Store, is literally overflowing with books and generally packed to the rafters with details.

My favourite details on the Used Book Store are the way every available space has been packed full of books, the use of the Dark Green flags on the front, the textures and colours of the rear wall and the downpipes.

Head over to Flickr for more images of the gorgeous Used Book Store.