Sonic Boon

After a while away, we get not just one, but three new modular buildings to feast your eyes on from one of my all time favourite builders Sonicstarlight (Jonathon Grzywacz).

The first is Bricklyn Bike, which sells and repairs skateboards, bikes, scooters and motorcycles.  I love the colour scheme and industrial feel of this building, as well as the cute little bike above the front door.

The next two are the Jewelry Store and  Pizzeria, which are immediately recognisable as being inspired by the LEGO Creator set Bike Shop & Cafe (31026).

Both buildings have apartments upstairs.  I’ve taken the liberty of using the image that shows the buildings with the apartments swapped.  I like this more so as the colours feel more harmonious to me in this combination.

There are lots more images of both the exteriors and fully furnished interiors available in the Flickr albums for the BrickLyn Bike and the Jewelry Store and  Pizzeria.


Packed to the rafters

The features on theLET’s Modular Bar that immediately caught my eye were the angled columns on the roof, the cute shutters on the windows and the neat little outdoor seating arrangements.  

However, it’s the rafters and chandelier in the roof that steals the show for me.

This shot of the interior of the roof also reveals some of the interesting building techniques that theLET has used to create this little gem.

More images available on theLET’s BrickShelf folder.

Modified Cafe Corner

For those of us who only came out of our dark ages in the last few years, getting one of the earlier modular buildings can be an expensive exercise.  The alternative, of course, is to make your own version, which is exactly what Palixa and the Bricks has done. And done really well, I should add!

Unlike the official version, this modified Cafe Corner is also fully furnished.  I love what Palixa and the Bricks has done with the cafe on the ground floor.

But this is only the start.  Check out the rest of the interior, including the hotel rooms on the upper floors, on Palixa and the Bricks’ Flickr stream.

Charmed Victorian

Boise Bro has masterfully recreated the gorgeous Victorian from “Charmed”, one of my all time favourite TV shows.


The fully furnished interior demonstrates the same exquisite attention to detail as the outside.  I love how Boise Bro has done these sand green cabinets.


Head over to MOCpages to check out the rest of the interior and exterior shots of the Charmed Victorian.


I’d like to present my latest modular building, the Trilogy Bar and Nightclub.  It features three floors for three different moods – drinking, dancing or just lounging!

This building holds some sentimental value to me as the bulk of the facade on this building was one of the first builds I ever did.  But it was never shared publicly because I didn’t like the building as a whole (it was originally a 24-stud wide fire station).  I kept coming back to it and decided the only way I was going to like it was if it was an entirely differently-purposed building.  I still want to try my hand at a fire station, but that will have to wait for another day.

See here for more about the Trilogy!

Station Master

studhead’s latest train station, the Museum London Underground Station, surely earns him the title of stationmaster.  I love the contrast between the beautiful, dark plate work and the tan stone work on the front facade.


The charm continues on the inside, with great use of the crates to create the lift doors.


Check out studhead’s flickr stream for more images of this beautiful station as well as his earlier creations.

Love Shack

Sebastian Zaberca’s newest building is certainly no shack, but the honeymoon suite of this hotel is definitely the place for newlyweds!


Sebastian claims to have run out of tiles by the time he got to the last floor, hence the white studs in the honeymoon suite.  Maybe it’s just a very luxurious shag pile carpet?


Head over to flickr for a few more shots of this awesome hotel.

Brooklyn Brownstones

esbenk (Esben Kolind) has created a vibrant scene depicting the brownstones of Brooklyn.  It comprises 16 buildings, each with their own unique character, as well as a range of iconic New York vehicles.


Head over to Esbenk’s flickr set to find out more about life in the Brooklyn Brownstones.

Lucky Thirteenth

Jason Skaare proves that 13 isn’t necessarily an unlucky number with his thirteenth modular building.  The gorgeous four-story, fully furnished building houses a coffee shop and three apartments.


I love this facade, especially the trim tans on the lower part of the store windows and also how the line of the windows draws you eye to the features on the top floor.  I would never occur to me to use those 1×1 plates with the tooth sticking out, but it works really well here.


I couldn’t decide which of the apartments was my favourite, so I’ve decided to feature a shot of the coffee shop instead.  I’ll let you head over to the flickr set to see which apartment is your favourite.