Letting off steam

With its slightly crumbling façade and large steam iron depicting the nature of the activity contained within, Eurotrash (Chris Goddard) continues his distinctive style in his latest modular building, the Chinese Laundry.

The Chinese Laundry is fully equipped to get your whites whiter and your colours crisper than you’ve ever seen them before.

Eurotrash has also incorporated Power Functions into the building to make the steam iron on the front of the building rise and fall.  Watch it in action on YouTube.

More images of the Chinese Laundry here!


Double Trouble

Jason Skaare is building them faster than I can blog them, but this is actually good news because it means that you get a two-for-one!

First up is the Modular Pharmacy with it’s grand colour scheme.  I love the richness of the Dark Tan trims against the Dark Green bricks.

This is only a narrow building, but Jason has managed to squeeze in a fully furnished apartment in addition to the fully stocked pharmacy on the ground floor!

The second building is the Bike Shop, which caught my eye with its striking plate work on the facade and overall colour combination.

This building is also fully furnished, with the bike shop taking up all three floors.  The top floor is “Da Bike Club”, which has the best foosball table in town!

Head over to Jason’s Flickr stream for lots more images of the Modular Pharmacy and Bike Shop.   These are Jason’s 16th and 17th modular buildings, so make sure you check out his other works while you’re there.

Stop biting those nails

Let the girls at Eurotrash’s Chu Nail Salon take care of them for you, pampering your hands while your feet soak in the soothing foot spa.

I love how Chris has done the facade on this building, especially the top part with the upside-down arches, and the way that he has done the “Chu” sign.

Oh, and there’s an extra cute dragon too!

Head over to Flickr to see why Eurotrash has quickly become one of my favourite builders!

Modular Bank

BrickyBoy has taken Lego’s City Bank (3661) to a whole new level, converting it into a beautiful 16-wide modular building.  The facade on this building caught my eye – it has so many details, but they all work together flawless so that it doesn’t look cluttered.  I also love the textures and the colour combination.


I also like how the back of this building has lots of details to catch the eye, such as the overhanging part on the top floor and the use of the area under the stairs.


You can see more images of this gorgeous modular building, including the lovely interior, on the Eurobricks post here.

Mocha Torte

tacvud has built this gorgeous modular building, called  the tan house.  As soon as I saw this building I thought of mocha torte.  I think it’s the tans and browns, combined with the rich texture of this gorgeous building.


There are quite a few details that caught my eye on this building, including the roof (love the black / brown combination), the use of the 1×2 log bricks to frame the front door and the beautiful SNOT work on the facade.

For more inspiration, see tacvud’s other buildings here!

Lucky Thirteenth

Jason Skaare proves that 13 isn’t necessarily an unlucky number with his thirteenth modular building.  The gorgeous four-story, fully furnished building houses a coffee shop and three apartments.


I love this facade, especially the trim tans on the lower part of the store windows and also how the line of the windows draws you eye to the features on the top floor.  I would never occur to me to use those 1×1 plates with the tooth sticking out, but it works really well here.


I couldn’t decide which of the apartments was my favourite, so I’ve decided to feature a shot of the coffee shop instead.  I’ll let you head over to the flickr set to see which apartment is your favourite.

Going Dutch

Man with a Hat has created a stunning Amsterdam-style building with a shop downstairs and a fully furnished apartment upstairs.  I love the facade on this building, both in terms of the features and the colour combination.


There are some really nice details here, like the way the planter boxes are hanging from the plates with rails and the black bars holding up the awning.  Very clever!


I also like the rear of this building, with the realistic downpipes adding a load of character and great use of the fence pieces!


The fully furnished interior is just as stunning as the outside.  Check out the Brickshelf gallery for more images.

Symphony of Textures

Sebastian Zaberca has composed a masterpiece with this small building, which is home to a music teacher and his wife.  The facade is just gorgeous, with a harmonious colour combination and making great use of the masonry profile bricks.


I love the flower trim on the ground floor, how the bay window sits between the curved slopes and the clock piece framed by the inverse arches.


Make sure you check out Zaberca’s other buildings on flickr and see why he is one of my favourite builders.

Under Construction

An “Under Construction” sign is usually a reason to walk away and come back later.  Not in this case.  Mr Tomato Bread (Vincent Kessels) shows us that the beginnings of a modular building can be a work of art in itself.


Vincent has thought of every detail, from the piles of bricks ready to go, to the planks used to get the wheelbarrow into the building and even the plumbing running under the building.


Head over the flickr set to see a couple more angles and how neatly the construction site fits in beside other modular buildings.  Don’t forget to check out Vincent’s other great buildings while you’re there!

Grander Palace Cinema

Superfunked has taken the 10232 Palace Cinema to a new level, modding it to be non-corner building and adding the grand staircase a building like this deserves.  I think I like this MOD better than the original!


The ground floor of the modded Palace Cinema looks fantastic with the grand staircase and carpeted floors!Superfunked-PalaceCinema-Ground

More images on Superfunked’s flickr photostream.