From benchtop to bedside

“Bedside and Benchtop” is another name for “translational” biology, or the approach of adapting knowledge of experiments in the lab to assist patients in the clinic.  You can now incorporate this into your own MOC with the instructions for RedCoKid’s Bedside and Benchtop.


Download the instructions here!


Antique Store and Apartment

I could list all the fantastic details and clever parts usage in the fully furnished Antique Store and Studio Apartment by Super*Junk (Melissa), but then I would be here until Christmas.  So, I’m just going to point out a few of my favourite details: the use of the wheels (?) at the corner between the floors, the seat in front of the shop window, the use of the legs for window trims, the SNOT work above the shop windows and how the roof line is done. An interesting aspect of this building is the use of technic beams to reverse the direction of the build, enabling that awesome trim between the two floors.  Very clever! The interior of this building is just as stunning as the outside. Head over to Super*Junk’s blog or Flickr to see more of this gorgeous building.  Make sure you check out her the MOCs and see for yourself why she is quickly climbing up the ranks as a favourite builder.

New York Townhouse

The New York Townhouse by Nightfall (Stefan) has captured the essence of townhouse living in the Big Apple.  I love the crispness of the colour scheme, and the way the contrasting green of the roof actually ties in with the green leaves on the tree.  There’s also some clever parts usage in the balconies on the first floor.

While the front of the building is very much New York, the back of the building feels more like a holiday villa.  That probably makes it the perfect house to come home to after working all day in the city!

Nightfall’s New York Townhouse is also beautifully furnished, with some lovely modern furniture.  Check it out here!


Contest: Complete the Room

While the Pet Shop (10218) is one of my favourite modular buildings, one thing that has always bugged me is the empty rooms in the reddish brown townhouse.  So, my challenge to you is to “Complete the Room”, specifically the middle floor:

And, thanks to the support provided by LEGO’s Community and Events Engagement Team, there are a couple of cool prizes to be won!

See here for all the details.

Maxidolls Store

When I was a little girl I had a doll that was nearly as tall as I was, so the theme of cimddwc’s latest building – the Maxidolls Store – immediately resonated with me.  Doesn’t hurt either that it has a gorgeous facade with plenty of interesting building techniques to draw inspiration from!

My favourite details on the front of the building are the trims between the first and second floor windows on the left of the building (the ones with the 1×1 tiles), the trim on the lower edge of the roof and the top part of the corner of the building.

The Maxidolls Store also has an interesting rear, with a large billboard for the store, balconies for the apartments and planter boxes for the windows.  I think I spot a Minecraft pumpkin and shovel on one of the balconies!

The Maxidoll Store is fully furnished with the store across two floors and two apartments on the upper floors, so make sure you check out the Flickr album to see all the details.  Thanks for the inspiration cimddwc!

Charmed Victorian

Boise Bro has masterfully recreated the gorgeous Victorian from “Charmed”, one of my all time favourite TV shows.


The fully furnished interior demonstrates the same exquisite attention to detail as the outside.  I love how Boise Bro has done these sand green cabinets.


Head over to MOCpages to check out the rest of the interior and exterior shots of the Charmed Victorian.

De Luca Menswear

snaillad (Andrew) never fails to impress and the latest creation – De Luca’s Menswear – is stunning, of the drooling kind.  I absolutely love the facade on this building, with the use of textures and subtle highlights to create a very grand feeling.  The sign itself is a work of art.


When you’ve stopped drooling over the exterior, prepare to drool a little more over the interior …



Loads more angles on snaillad’s flickr album.

Gabled Scottish Beauty

Barrie Crossan has created a gorgeous building based on a real building in his home town of Stornoway in Scotland.  It houses a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor, with a massive seven bedroom apartment on the upper floors.


The gable on the front my favourite exterior detail, followed closely by the chimney pots.

The image of the ground floor restaraunt below gives just a hint of the level of detail featured on every floor and in every room.BarrieCrossan02

There’s plenty of inspiration to found in this building, from the neat blinds on the ground floor windows, to the beautiful spiral staircase and the clever furniture pieces.

Make sure you check out Barrie’s MOCpages to see all the details!

Are you being served?

I don’t think there is any risk of getting substandard service at Barrie’s Department Store.

snaillad (Andrew) has impressed again, building a department store that has a stunning facade and an impeccable interior.  It has has everything your minifigures could need, from groceries, to furniture, shoes, clothes and jewellery.  He’s even included a cafeteria and washrooms!

Barrie's Department Store

More images on snaillad’s  Barrie’s Department Store flickr set!