Modified Cafe Corner

For those of us who only came out of our dark ages in the last few years, getting one of the earlier modular buildings can be an expensive exercise.  The alternative, of course, is to make your own version, which is exactly what Palixa and the Bricks has done. And done really well, I should add!

Unlike the official version, this modified Cafe Corner is also fully furnished.  I love what Palixa and the Bricks has done with the cafe on the ground floor.

But this is only the start.  Check out the rest of the interior, including the hotel rooms on the upper floors, on Palixa and the Bricks’ Flickr stream.


Love Shack

Sebastian Zaberca’s newest building is certainly no shack, but the honeymoon suite of this hotel is definitely the place for newlyweds!


Sebastian claims to have run out of tiles by the time he got to the last floor, hence the white studs in the honeymoon suite.  Maybe it’s just a very luxurious shag pile carpet?


Head over to flickr for a few more shots of this awesome hotel.

London Hotel

oirad72 (Dario Minisini) was lucky enough to stay in a traditional London Hotel recently and has shared this experience with us through this gorgeous model of the hotel and pub.

There is a lot of clever parts use on this building, like the flippers for the roof shingles, the upside down legs for window trims and the 2×8 plates with rail for the window sills.


My favourite details are the mouldings on the wall, particularly what you can see from this view below.


The interior is fully furnished and equally impressive, in terms of both the parts usage and the detailing.  Check out all the exterior and interior views on oirad72’s flickr set.