Emma’s Place

Emma’s Place, which is the second of the buildings for my daughter’s Friends layout, houses the Butterfly Beauty Shop, Emma’s Fashion Design Studio and Karate Class. It’s a modular building to make it easy to separate the rooms for playing.

Emma's Place

More images on can be found on flickr.

See the downloads page for the PDF Instructions for Emma’s Place (structure only).

Modulars by Kristel

Welcome to my blog!

As the name suggests, this blog is meant to be all about modular buildings made with LEGO bricks. I hope to use this little corner of the web to share with you my views on the official LEGO modulars, and showcase MOCs and MODs.

Unfortunately, I came out of my dark ages in 2011 and so missed out on the Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and Market Street.  However, it was stumbling across pictures of these models and the amazing MOC modular buildings online that pulled me willingly out of my dark age.

However, there’s so much more to LEGO than just modular buildings, so don’t be surprised if you see me posting about other things as well!  I am a big fan of the LEGO Friends theme, so they’ll definitely pop in here at some stage.  I also find it hard to resist a good starfighter, LEGO City vehicles and LEGO Creator houses.

The Modular MOCs page showcases modular buildings that I’ve made, including:

The Instructions page lists the MOC modular buildings that I’ve made detailed instructions for and which are available to buy through BrickLink and ebay.

There’s a Downloads page where I’ll be posting instructions that are free to download.  You can find the instructions for my Modified Haunted House there already, but stay tuned as there are other builds that I am planning to upload here.

Finally, there’s an About Me page which, well, tells you a little more about myself.

Hope you enjoy the blog!  Comments and suggestions welcome!