Set Review: Detective’s Office (10246)

LEGO only produces one large modular building per year, which means that each release is the subject of much speculation and highly anticipated.  The Detective’s Office (10246), which was designed by Jamie Berard, is no exception, and has been high on my wanted list since the high resolution images were released.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Detective’s Office is all about!  Read more …


Symphony of Textures

Sebastian Zaberca has composed a masterpiece with this small building, which is home to a music teacher and his wife.  The facade is just gorgeous, with a harmonious colour combination and making great use of the masonry profile bricks.


I love the flower trim on the ground floor, how the bay window sits between the curved slopes and the clock piece framed by the inverse arches.


Make sure you check out Zaberca’s other buildings on flickr and see why he is one of my favourite builders.