The Berliner

The Berliner by MaBiDaTi LegoWelt makes great use of the new(ish) Dark Red brick profile brick, contrasting them with the Tan window trims.  Similarly, the green (brick built!) door and windows on the ground floor provide their own contrast to the Tan facade.

Also, at four stories high, I imagine the Berliner probably stands quite tall!

The rear of the Berliner has some great details too, including another brick built door, a trellis with flowering vine and in-built air conditioner unit.  There also seems to be a mix of old and new greys, given extra texture to the walls.

There does not appear to be an interior for this building, but you can find more images of the exterior of the Berliner on MaBiDaTi LegoWelt’s Facebook page.


Modular Conversion Review: 71016 Kwik-E-mart

The thing that immediately caught my attention when the high resolution images of the KwiK-E-mart (71016) were first released was the amount of interior detailing and the printed parts.  In this respect, it doesn’t disappoint in real life!

But how does it stack up as modular or a parts pack? Read the full review here!

Modular of a Different Kind

Galaktek’s Congo Home Delivery doesn’t look much like a traditional modular building, but this may well be the home of the future.  The Congo Home can be delivered and assembled within a couple of days!

It may be small, but it’s packed with style!

A great idea, beautifully executed!  More images of the Congo Home Delivery here.

Inspiration – Sebastian Zaberca

It’s no secret that Sebastian Zaberca is one of my favourite builders, and the reason why is readily seen in his latest two buildings.  The first – Television Reception – is a take on the modern apartment block with the veritable sea of antennas on the roof, while the second – The Baker’s House – stems from a different era.

The things that caught my eye initially on The Baker’s House were the beautiful cladding and the roof.  But there are so many more exceptional details when you take a closer look, such as the way the chimney has been done, the outhouse and the four poster bed.

One of Sebastian’s first buildings to catch my eye was this modern house.  I love the staircase in this building and the variety of textures in the facade.

From modern to modern and everything in between, Sebastian provides a fountain of inspiration for modular building MOC’ers.  Head over to Flickr to see for yourself.

Pit Stop

Whether you need gas for the car or a snack for your minifgure, Superfunked’s Shell Gas Station is the perfect place for a pit stop.  Superfunked has used the sticker sheet from the promotional set, Shell Service Station (1256), to give this 32×48-stud MOC the full Shell livery.

Superfunked has excelled in the attention to detail, from the diagonal tiling in the shop to the steps down to the back of the surrounding buildings. There’s even lighting for the night owls who prefer to fuel up after dark.

More images on Superfunked’s Flickr album.

Friendly Modulars

It’s no secret that modular buildings and Friends are my two favourite LEGO themes, so any building that combines the two is sure to catch my eye.  Even more so when it’s done really well, as is the case with these 16-stud wide modulars from DDoshni (hs0104c).

DDoshni’s Friendly modular line up is based on, from left to right, Heartlake High (41005), Summer Riding Camp (3185) and Heartlake Vet (3188).  My favourite of these is the Heartlake Vet, with the Olive Green working surprisingly well with the Medium Azure and Tan.

More angles of these buildings, as well as lots of inspiration from DDoshni’s other 16-stud wide modulars, on Flickr.