An often overlooked fact is that a LEGO city needs a sewerage network to … well, you know what it’s for.  So, if you have to have one, who better to design a Sewage Pumping Station that is going to blend in seamlessly than Vincent Kessels (Mr Tomato Bread).

My favourite details on this build are the roof, the fencing and the SNOT work to frame the roller door.  I also like the texture created with the recesses in the walls.

Like his other buildings, Vincent has  hinged the side wall for easy access to the sewage pumping equipment.

Head over the Vicnent’s Flickr album for more images of the sewage pumping station. While you’re there, check out his other MOCs to see why he is one of my favourite builders.


Traditional Tools

Barrie Crossan has packed a load of details into this 1950s-styled 16-wide modular building.  It features a traditional toolshop on the ground floor, jam-packed with tools for every occasion, and beautifully furnished apartment upstairs.


Love the wood panelling, the SNOT work on the upper floors and the nice use of the hinge plate to create the detailing above the windows!


And that couch!

See Barrie’s Flickr stream for lots more images of this beautiful little building!


Split Personality

Another entry to the MOC Modular Madness competition that caught my eye was let’s office building.  I love the intricate detailing created with the use of bars, hoses and skeleton arms.


This building also appealed to me because the rear of the building reminds me of a barn, giving the overall building a bit of a split personality.


Head over to the lowlug forum to see more images of this beautiful fully furnished office building.

Modern Modular

The Modular MOC Madness competition on LowLug.nl is certainly not short of stunning entries, with several of them already featuring here.  This modern modular by Nieks is no exception.


Nieks has incorporated a lot of SNOT in this building, giving the modern edge to the windows and the wrap around wooden cladding on the ground floor.  There’s also plenty of clever parts usage, like using the fence piece as the back of the white bench seat.

The building is fully furnished, with quite a few neat features and great colours.  I particularly like the master bedroom, the stairs and the rooftop deck, which looks like a great place for your favourite minifigs to hang out and relax.


More images on Nieks’ flickr.

Dances with Tractors

Most people, like myself, probably don’t associate tractors with dance floors and night clubs, but Eurotrash (Chris Goddard) has cleverly combined the two.  The latest addition to his downtown area, this modular building features the Tractor Supply Depot on the ground floor, with Miss Fiona’s Dance Studio on the first floor.

Eurotrash-TractorDealer-Front2There are a lot of great details in this building, such as the diagonal dance floor, the billboard hiding a water tower and the downpipes.  What stands out for me overall, though, is how Eurotrash’s buildings look like real buildings.  You can imagine yourself walking past such building in real life.

Check out Eurotrash’s photostream for more angles of this great build and to find out what happens in the dance studio when Miss Fiona goes home for the night.