Parisian Perfection

MyParisian02After what seemed like an eternity after the rest of the world had gotten theirs, my Shop@Home order with the Parisian Restaurant (10243) finally arrived in my little outpost in Brisbane, Australia, last night.

What can I say that the title of this post already doesn’t?  It is simply gorgeous.

I love the colour, the kitchen, the window trims on the ground floor and the first floor, the dark blue roof, the white decorations on the roof, the hideaway bed, the outdoor seating area, the entrance, the scooter, the new bowl part in dark red, olive green bricks, the curtains, etc, etc.

With so many details and interesting techniques, the Parisian Restaurant was also a great modular to build. 

I only have one gripe and that is that my shells didn’t want to stay closed.  The picture above is taken on a time delay with me holding the shells closed until just before the shot was taken.

PS. My image shows a few more minifigures than actually come with the set.  My daughter insisted that all the girls should have dinner at the Parisian Restaurant.  The photo doesn’t include the ones that were lining up outside for their turn!

PSS.  My original title for this post was going to be just “Perfection”, but in French.  However, according to Google Translate, the translation for “perfection” is “perfection”??


Restaurant ‘Le Parisien’

alois has done a more Parisien version of the Parisian Restaurant for the Lowlug “Modular MOC Madness” contest.  The facade on this MOC is particularly interesting, and features a  few parts that I wouldn’t normally associate with a modular building.


I particularly like how he has done the arch and the detailing over the front door.


Head over to flickr to see more of this fantastic MOC, including the beautifully furnished interior, as well as alois’ other modular buildings.

Reviews of the Parisian Restaurant (10243)

Parisien-Restaurant-10243I’m currently very jelly of Nathan at Rebrickable and Huw at Brickset, who were both sent early release copies of the Parisian Restaurant (10243) for review.

Unfortunately, mere mortals like myself will need to drool over Nathan’s review or Huw’s review until the set is released to the public.

Bon Appétit

When I first learnt that LEGO’s next modular building was going to be a Parisian restaurant, I think I said I wasn’t going to imagine what it would look like in case I was disappointed.  Well, I didn’t heed my own warning and have pretty much been visualising a typical Haussmann building in tan or light bluish grey.

The 10243 Parisian Restaurant is not a Haussmann, but it is definitely a beautiful building.  Actually, that’s not right, it much more than beautiful … it’s awesome, it’s gorgeous, and it’s packed with clever details and building techniques.  And it has a scooter!!

Enough of my rambling, time to drool over the box image …


Better still, we don’t have to wait until March, with the Parisian Restaurant scheduled for release in January 2014.

Head over to Eurobricks to see lots more high resolution images.

Gabled Scottish Beauty

Barrie Crossan has created a gorgeous building based on a real building in his home town of Stornoway in Scotland.  It houses a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor, with a massive seven bedroom apartment on the upper floors.


The gable on the front my favourite exterior detail, followed closely by the chimney pots.

The image of the ground floor restaraunt below gives just a hint of the level of detail featured on every floor and in every room.BarrieCrossan02

There’s plenty of inspiration to found in this building, from the neat blinds on the ground floor windows, to the beautiful spiral staircase and the clever furniture pieces.

Make sure you check out Barrie’s MOCpages to see all the details!

10234 Parisian Restaurant – Next Official Modular

GRogall has revealed on Eurobricks that the next official modular building will be 10243 Parisian Restaurant.  The thought of a Parisian building excites me a lot, as Paris is filled with beautiful buildings and restaurants.  But I hesitate to let my mind wonder about what it will it will look like in case I am disappointed!  Hopefully, TLG won’t make us wait too long for a picture!