Modern Modular

The Modular MOC Madness competition on is certainly not short of stunning entries, with several of them already featuring here.  This modern modular by Nieks is no exception.


Nieks has incorporated a lot of SNOT in this building, giving the modern edge to the windows and the wrap around wooden cladding on the ground floor.  There’s also plenty of clever parts usage, like using the fence piece as the back of the white bench seat.

The building is fully furnished, with quite a few neat features and great colours.  I particularly like the master bedroom, the stairs and the rooftop deck, which looks like a great place for your favourite minifigs to hang out and relax.


More images on Nieks’ flickr.


Grandma’s House

Patrick Bosman’s interpretation of the building at Schiekade 77 in Rotterdam is superb, with an exceptional level of detailing in the front facade!


I really like the back of this building, partly because it reminds me of the enclosed back patio we had when I was young.


The building is fully furnished, with quite a unique layout on the ground floor.  There’s some really neat furniture, but my favourite part on the inside is the pink and white shower curtain!  Very grandma-ish!

More images in the flickr set.  Make sure you check out Patrick’s other amazing modular buildings while you’re there!

Symphony of Textures

Sebastian Zaberca has composed a masterpiece with this small building, which is home to a music teacher and his wife.  The facade is just gorgeous, with a harmonious colour combination and making great use of the masonry profile bricks.


I love the flower trim on the ground floor, how the bay window sits between the curved slopes and the clock piece framed by the inverse arches.


Make sure you check out Zaberca’s other buildings on flickr and see why he is one of my favourite builders.

Inspiration – Redhead1982

One of my earliest inspirations was Redhead1982, namely her gorgeous dark green townhouse, the luxurious modular townhouse and the unique yellow-tan house.

This dark green townhouse, which was partly the inspiration for my own Tan Townhouse, continues to be one of my favourites.


Redhead-DarkGreenTownhouse-DeckIn addition to the great facade, I love the colour combination and the little planter boxes framing the entrance.

There’s some great parts usage here, such as the flower for the table and the 1×4 bricks with the grooves on the facade.

You can almost feel how relaxed the minifigure is sitting on the back deck!

Similarly, the minifigures who call the modular townhouse below their home should consider themselves very lucky indeed, living in such luxury!


Make sure you check out the stunning interior, especially the curtains and the shower, on Redhead’s flickr photo stream.

The yellow-tan house by Redhead also caught my attention because of its unique shape and colour.


Thank you, Redhead, for the inspiration!

Good enough to eat

The first thought that came to mind when I saw this Striped Townhouse by Szu was yummy!  Like a seriously scrumptious cream biscuit kind of yummy.


There’s much to like in this facade, from the rich textures to the delicious colour combination.  I’m also a sucker for a brick-built front door.

The harmonious colours and clever parts usage continues in the interior of the building.


See Szu’s MOCPages for more images of this delicious townhouse.

Gabled Scottish Beauty

Barrie Crossan has created a gorgeous building based on a real building in his home town of Stornoway in Scotland.  It houses a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor, with a massive seven bedroom apartment on the upper floors.


The gable on the front my favourite exterior detail, followed closely by the chimney pots.

The image of the ground floor restaraunt below gives just a hint of the level of detail featured on every floor and in every room.BarrieCrossan02

There’s plenty of inspiration to found in this building, from the neat blinds on the ground floor windows, to the beautiful spiral staircase and the clever furniture pieces.

Make sure you check out Barrie’s MOCpages to see all the details!

Creating Modulars from Creator Models

SalvoBrick set himself the challenge of converting the latest Creator house (31012 – Family House) into a modular building, using only the bricks from the set.  The result?  An awesome little modular that would look fantastic as a row of townhouses in any layout.


I love the first floor windows above the door.  The ‘brick’ brick works really well when used as a feature or a trim rather than a whole wall.

SalvoBrick then took it one step further, using bricks from his own collection to add some more design features.


My favourite part of this version of his modular 31012 is the overhanging balcony and the trim above the door.

Apart from being an awesome alternate build and modification, I also wanted to highlight this building because modularising (not sure if that’s a word) an existing LEGO Creator house it is a great way to practice building modular buildings.  I have done this with most of the previous Creator houses and City buildings, as well as challenging myself to convert the 32-stud wide LEGO modular buildings into 16-wide modular buildings.  This approach is a great way to learn as you can take guidance from the instructions while at the same time needing to find your own design solutions.  I’d recommend it to anyone who’s not sure where to start with their own MOC modular building!

Head over to Eurobricks to see more pictures of SalvoBrick’s modular 31012.

Modulars by Kristel

Welcome to my blog!

As the name suggests, this blog is meant to be all about modular buildings made with LEGO bricks. I hope to use this little corner of the web to share with you my views on the official LEGO modulars, and showcase MOCs and MODs.

Unfortunately, I came out of my dark ages in 2011 and so missed out on the Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and Market Street.  However, it was stumbling across pictures of these models and the amazing MOC modular buildings online that pulled me willingly out of my dark age.

However, there’s so much more to LEGO than just modular buildings, so don’t be surprised if you see me posting about other things as well!  I am a big fan of the LEGO Friends theme, so they’ll definitely pop in here at some stage.  I also find it hard to resist a good starfighter, LEGO City vehicles and LEGO Creator houses.

The Modular MOCs page showcases modular buildings that I’ve made, including:

The Instructions page lists the MOC modular buildings that I’ve made detailed instructions for and which are available to buy through BrickLink and ebay.

There’s a Downloads page where I’ll be posting instructions that are free to download.  You can find the instructions for my Modified Haunted House there already, but stay tuned as there are other builds that I am planning to upload here.

Finally, there’s an About Me page which, well, tells you a little more about myself.

Hope you enjoy the blog!  Comments and suggestions welcome!